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Most people don’t think about protecting their homes until it’s too late. Don’t become a statistic! It’s a fact that a thief enters a home every 14 seconds, leaving 1 in 6 homes to be burglarized this year.

Unfortunately, homes without an alarm are 3 times more likely to be robbed. Don’t wait to be victimized, let AAA Security protect your home and your family.

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Why to choose AAA Security:
  • Save an average $240 a year versus our competition
  • Plans starting only at $19.95 a month
  • No commitment and no credit check
  • Customize your security package to best fit your budget
  • Locally owned and operated

What We Offer

Our #1 priority is you and your family. AAA Security offers no monthly contract commitments or switchover fees. Not only will your home receive a master control, LCD keypad, motion detector, window decals and yard sign, but feel at ease knowing your home is under careful watch from one of the top-rated, local monitoring stations. Our systems are professional grade and affordable.

AAA Security provides the best and most reliable monitoring station. Professionally trained operators are ready to respond in case of any emergency. Not only are we affordable and reliable, but we take pride in making our clients feel at ease knowing their family and valuables are safe.
Customize your security plan to fit your budget and needs. We offer everything from burglary alarms to security cameras and cable wiring. Install a new system customized system with a savings of $240 a year. Contact us today to receive a free quote!
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Protecting Your Home Is Serious Business!

Burglary Features

AAA Security will equip you with everything that you need to protect your home. Our basic system includes:

  • Video Monitoring

  • Doorbell Camera

  • Video Alerts

  • Lock Codes Remotely

  • Notification Systems for triggered entrance

  • Geo Fencing 1 mile radius

  • Master control panel
  • Entry coverage for 3 doors
  • Motion detector
  • Inside siren
  • Back-up battery

*Additional charge for extra equipment may apply

Already own a system? Don’t overpay for service. Switch today and only pay $19.95 a month or $240 for the entire year! Call AAA Security for a free consultation. Add-ons for your plan start at $5. Don’t lose out on the best technology in today’s security market.

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